Value Added Services Provided by NWS

Spring Rate Testing

NWS is equipped to perform Spring Rate Testing on most valve springs. The calibrated Spring Rate Tester will verify that your spring rate is within OEM specifications. Spring measurements including; free height, squareness, and parallelism, in addition to rate testing will provide you confidence that your valve does not have a spring that has degraded from service.

Disc Oxidation

Disc oxidation minimizes the risk of the disc seat sticking to the nozzle seat during service.  The discs are placed into a temperature controlled pressure chamber. Temperature and pressure data is recorded using calibrated instruments. Upon completion, the discs have an oxidation layer present. 

Nozzle Passivation

Nozzle passivation (like disc oxidation), places an oxidation layer onto the nozzle seat. Unlike disc oxidation, this is a chemical process. Upon completion, this oxidation layer reduces seat bonding while in service.