NWS Quality Assurance Program

NWS maintains a Quality Assurance Program that meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • 10CFR50 Appendix B     

  • 10CFR21

  • ASME NQA-1-1994

  • ANSI N45.2


Our Quality Assurance Program has been

approved by numerous nuclear utilities, and all

safety- related work is performed in accordance 

with this program.


From the beginning, NWS has committed to

dedicating the necessary resources to ensure we 

are not only fulfilling regulatory requirements but

also surpassing our client requirements and expectations. NWS prides itself on continuous improvement of the Quality Assurance Program, and staysup-to-date on industry issues by attending annual NUPIC vendor meetings and NRC workshops. NWS is also a member of the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC).