NWS repairs all valves to OEM specifactions while ensuring everthing we repair meets all applicable Quality Requirements.  Our personnel are repairing hundreds of valves every year.  As the valve population ages and new situations are encounted, we work with our customers to resolve all issues and provide them with the highest quality repairs available.


NWS provides complete repairs on:


  • Crosby:  Pressurizer Safety Valves, Main Steam Safety Valves, Cross Around Relief Valves​


  • Dikkers:  Main Steam Safety Relief Valves

  • GE-Consolidated:  Pressurizer Safety Valves, Main Steam Safety Valves, Electomatic Relief and Pilot Operated Relief Valves

  • Target Rock:  Pilot Operated Two and Three Stage Main Steam Safety Relief Valves

  • Other: Balance of plant air/water/steam valves by all other OEMs.

Complete Repair Services For ALL Safety / Relief Valves Used in Nuclear Power Generation.

We are always reviewing and evaluating our repair methods.  Improvements are quickly incorporated and all NWS personnel are trained in the changes to ensure we provide a consistent repair.  Everyone at NWS who repairs a valve takes pride when the valve they worked on performs great on the test stand.


NWS can and has provided repair/test services for other valves used in the nuclear industry. We look forward to new challenges, and the possibility of assisting our customers in fixing or trouble shooting your problems. 


Valve Repair Services